Autism Awareness

Hello, my son has level 1 mild autism and he is 3 he says mama and babbles a lot. He is starting school as of next week and I’m so worried about him he doesn’t like to keep the mask he doesn’t like any breakfast meals or anything all he eats his chicken nuggets and fries and loves to eat snacks which I dnt give him much he only takes juice in a sippy cup and the school doesn’t allow no juice or snacks I’m so worried he will cry a lot they have told me he will get better and like school once’s he gets used to it one of my other concerns he scared from the mask he doesn’t like to keep it on. Ladies, does it get better? I try so much not to think of it but he’s my love and I wanted to know do they Learn to talk? More? He says mama but not to me just says it whenever he wants he. Is on mild level 1 autism he will be going to a very good special needs school

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